4 Week Jumpstart Package

“Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

Michael Pollan

Here’s where real change begins. This foundational package will give you the tools and guidance you need to make lasting change in your life! Together we’ll discover what foods work for you (and those that absolutely do not), build a whole food plan that is sustainable for your budget, lifestyle and location, and dial-in on deficiencies that are leaving you feeling less than stellar.

I’ve been where many of you are right now. I’ve done every diet under the sun and it took a health issue in my 40’s to finally take my health seriously and realize I wasn’t 20’ish anymore. Overnight anti-inflammatory foods were my primary focus and after almost 2 years of experimenting (and rebelling!), I finally found what worked for me. With adjustments to my diet alone, I felt incredible relief in my symptoms! And as an unexpected bonus, I gained mental clarity, more energy, clearer skin, and even lost some stubborn stress weight.

Imagine feeling better than you have in months. Imagine having focus and energy throughout the day. Imagine how good it’ll feel to finally having a healthy relationship with food. Give me 4 fully committed weeks and you will see a difference. Are you ready to feel vibrant, focused, nourished, and whole?

4 Week Jumpstart Package

Price: $350 (use code NOURISHED for 10% off! | payment options available)

Here’s what this amazing package includes:

30 minute video call kick-off
Here we’ll start getting to know each other and I’ll walk you through the entire program. You’ll know exactly what to expect and get all the encouragement needed to hit the ground running!

Complete health history review + food & mood journal
This is where the fun begins! We’ll do a deep dive into any health issues you’re experiencing, what frustrations you’re dealing with, and I’ll get a clear read of your eating habits to build your bio-individual food plan.

Bio-individual food plan & shopping list
A comprehensive 4 week plan built for YOU based on your unique health history, food & mood journal, current issues and needs, and logistics.

Weekly follow-up calls (video, phone or in-person – up to 30 minutes)
Each week we’ll check-in, share how the plan is going, and discuss the great progress you’re making! This is also the perfect time to make any adjustments to your plan based on how you’re feeling and what’s working for you.

Unlimited text/email support (during office hours)
Stuck on what to eat at a restaurant? Unsure what grass-finished versus grass-fed beef means? Need support before you destroy a box of Oreos? I’m here for you.

Cooking class discount (a $60 value!) + full access to the N&W Recipe Vault
New in the making, our cooking classes give you the power to create nutrient-dense meals that actual taste amazing. Classes will be offered at our Oregon location and online. Plus you get access to our prized Recipe Vault. Here you’ll not only get all our featured recipes in one convenient location, but you’ll have access to special releases only clients get to see.

Love the 4 Week Jumpstart Package but feel you need more? Take a look at our intensive 3 Month Nourished & Whole Package. This comprehensive package goes beyond diet, delving into environmental and lifestyle factors that could be affecting your sleep, stress, and overall health.