Summer Debrief

Summer Debrief

“August is like the Sunday of summer.”
– unknown

The morning temperatures are dropping, the air feels different and September looms just off the horizon. As my Summer of Love comes to a close, it feels like a debrief is in order. How did you fare over the last couple months? Did you embrace the ‘if you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed‘ motto? Did you regroup, soak up some sun, and spend atleast a few days doing something you enjoy? I sincerely hope so.

Taking time for yourself is not only pleasurable, it’s necessary to aid all the physiological functions we take for granted, including our mental health. We place so much value on the ‘doing’ that ‘doing nothing’ seems frivolous and even selfish. But it’s anything but. It’s critical to our overall health.

This summer my goal was to have a couple months to unwind and cathartically process all the change happening. To completely decompress, have a kick-ass summer and ‘let shit go,’ if you know what I mean. I didn’t get two months, I got one month but that was all I needed. It’s been blissful.

I’m consistently eating better (no stress chips), sleeping better (thanks to the cricket and frog serenade), more active (early am yoga practice on porch), less screen time, and outside for hours (except on those crushing 100+ degree days). I’ve collected more figs that I can count, plenty of herbs and have nested into our new abode. Life in the country has been completely recharging and I have felt the stress slipping away, the previous dramas in the rearview, and just overall… lighter.

I’ve created new recipes, met new people, foraged blackberries, spent time in the ‘pool,’ explored the new surroundings, and raised the treehouse cabin walls with Rob. And next Saturday we are getting married on the beach! It’s been a very special time for all of us adjusting to a new way of life. It all just fits.

As for my Summer of Love to do list? Here’s what I planned and here’s what actually took place:

The To Do List Wrap Up

  • Make watermelon popsicles (yes! only 1… not a hit with daughter)
  • Pool party with daughter & dogs (yes, sorta)
  • Glamp under the stars (not yet…)
  • Have a bonfire on the beach (nope, but hoping this Fall!)
  • Make dandelion wine (it’s started!)
  • Picnic in the forest (yes!)
  • Read atleast 2 books (yes! but not telling which two)
  • Cure our own bacon & ham (bacon coming soon)
  • Sunbath in the buff (yes!)
  • Made rhubarb rosé popsicles (yes! but replaced rhubarb with strawberries)
  • Take a nap in hammock (no hammock yet…)

So, what did your summer look like? Are your nerves calm and mind clear? If not, it’s not too late to unplug and reconnect to yourself. And if you did get a summer of love, I want to hear all about it in the comments below! Here’s wishing you an abundance of end-of-summer, soon-to-be Fall love!

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