What the %@*&# do I do with cabbage?

Agh, cabbage. If it makes you think of soggy, sweet, and let’s be honest, nasty coleslaw at family bbqs you aren’t alone. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s the thing about cabbage – not only is this cruciferous vegetable detoxifying, it has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to a team of antioxidants, and is rich in vitamins C and K (along with minerals and fiber). As a bonus it’s incredibly versatile and I’ll prove it to you!

1. Spicy Slaw

This slaw in absolutely no way resembles anything you associate with those nasty ‘coleslaws’ of your past. It’s bursting with color, crunch and flavor and I know it’ll become a fan favorite for you. It’s awesome on all kinds of tacos, burgers, pulled pork, as a salad base topped with protein, or a beautiful side dish. Not into animal protein? Eat it as is for a refreshing, light lunch. Get the recipe here!

2. Cabbage Noodles

I love zucchini noodles but honestly they get old, so when I discovered this I was thrilled! When cabbage is thinly sliced it resembles noodlesque ribbons that can be used raw or slightly cooked to a whole host of dishes. I love using it with stir-frys, as a salad base, even added to chicken soup! Try this recipe for Sesame Chicken Salad and you’ll be hooked.

3. Sautéed Cabbage

Cabbage cooks fast and that’s why it’s one of my go to’s (not to mention it’s packed with nourishment). Plus I love it’s texture and taste when sautéed briefly and nestled next to roast chicken or pork loin. It’s subtle flavor lends itself to many spice profiles too, so snag some the next time your shopping and experiment! When your meat has cooked and is resting (please let it rest!), throw your sliced or diced cabbage into a hot pan with a high-quality fat (olive oil, ghee, lard) and sauté until just beginning to wilt. The seasonings is where it can become so versatile and fun. My favorite is simply garlic, salt and pepper but try anything that sounds good to you. Try adding a curry blend or your favorite herbs. It literally takes 5 minutes from start to finish and will add some variety and deep nourishment to your plate.

4. Cabbage Lasagna
cabbage lasagna

I know what you’re thinking and it’s a probably… ‘umm, Natalie, hell no!’ But please trust me on this. It’s actually SO good and I’ve made a lot of veggie replacement meals that underwhelmed on taste and overwhelmed on digestive distress (i.e. gas… looking at your cauliflower pizza crust!). This whole food lasagna upgrade is your new recipe win. It has all the greatness of traditional comfort food with nothing heavily refined. Get the recipe here.

Cabbage is a hardy, economical vegetable that is highly underutilized. It packs so much goodness into it’s tightly woven leaves, so please give it another chance. You have several choices so if green cabbage isn’t your thing try other varieties like purple, Napa, Savoy, or bok choy!

Drop a note in the comments and let me know how these recipes work for you. I’m excited to hear if cabbage has made it onto your plate!

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